Health and safety


Health and Safety events and training

Health and Safety Stage 1 Certificate Online

  • January 18 to April 5 2017 - England only; and
  • February 8 to February 22 2017 (blended) - TUC Education NW Region

Key resources - see also in PCS's document library

Getting advice and information on health and safety and well-being

Please contact your local or group/national branch PCS health and safety rep. They will be closer to  local issues and have a working knowledge of the practices and policies that affect you.

Explore these Health and Safety pages of the PCS website or contact PCS

How union health and safety reps make a difference

An updated version of 'The Union Effect - How unions make a difference to health and safety' (the TUC report showing the difference that unions make to the health and safety culture within the workplace) is now available.

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PCS H&S posters

Useful websites

PCS Member Services and Benefits

Free PCS helplines

  • breast cancer care
  • counselling support
  • domestic violence
  • personal injury
  • racial incidents

PCS+ health

  • PCS Care - free service
  • health benefits

Health and safety resources

  • Stress - evidence of the crisis (2014) 
  • Workload, working hours and work-life balance - survey report (2014)

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