Corbyn pledges return to national civil service pay bargaining

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made a pledge to PCS national conference that the next Labour government would return national pay bargaining to the civil service and repeal the hated Tory Trade Union Act, while extending trade union rights.

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Renewing the Passport to a Fair Deal Campaign

24 May 2016

Home Office group conference came together in Brighton on 23 May determined to act to put the break on backward steps at HMPO, which are threatening to undo the successes of the Passport to a Fair Deal Campaign of 2014.

225,000-strong petition opposing Land Registry sell-off set to be delivered

23 May 2016

PCS will join other campaigners on Thursday to deliver a petition to tell the government to stop the sale of the Land Registry.

PCS ‘resolute’ in the battle against HMRC office closures and redundancies

23 May 2016

There was a strong commitment to stand firm in the fight against office closures and redundancies as PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka opened the HMRC group conference in Brighton.

Museum strikers "inspiring the union movement"

23 May 2016

The PCS Culture group conference in Brighton today (23 May), backed motion A1 which called for various measures to support the Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museums Wales strike over weekend working.

Outsourcing: DfT urged to "keep the heart inside the body"

23 May 2016

The failure of the outsourcing of the Department for Transport Shared Service Centre (SSC) in Swansea was powerfully described by Dave Warren of the group executive at PCS DfT group conference on Monday afternoon.

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