5 key PCS demands of a new government

With less than 48 hours until polls open, we're calling on candidates to support out key general election pledges

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Experts condemn legal aid cuts

5 May 2015

More than 100 judges, peers, lawyers and doctors have written an open letter to the Guardian calling on a new government to prevent ‘widespread miscarriages of justice’.

Support National Gallery strikers on May Day

30 April 2015

PCS members at the National Gallery are on strike tomorrow (1 May) and joining a May Day rally, while others are taking part in rallies across the UK this weekend.

Worst 5 years for living standards in 50 years

28 April 2015

New analysis shows that the Tory-led, pro-austerity coalition has presided over the worst 5-year period for living standards in over half a century.

Study shows cuts demonise poor

28 April 2015

A new study shows the poor are being demonised and welfare support dismantled.

PCS Document Library: all your documents in one place

28 April 2015

The PCS Document Library, which is being demonstrated to reps at this year's annual delegate conference, gives you easy access online to vital information from your union.

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