London Living Wage

24 June 2009

London branches are being invited to attend a meeting to launch our London Living Wage campaign.

The campaign - which is backed by the national executive committee - aims to end the scandal of scrooge employers paying poverty wages in order to line the pockets of shareholders.

As a result of contracting out, staff such as security guards and cleaners are frequently expected to work for the national minimum wage. This currently stands at £5.80 per hour.

We want employers to pay at least £7.60 per hour - the current London Living Wage minimum rate.

The campaign has the potential to bring hundreds of non-unionised staff in the private sector into PCS as a first step to securing full collective bargaining rights.

By taking the issue of poverty pay head on, this campaign has the potential to ensure that every employee within a workplace - irrespective of who they work for - is a union member.

We want to extend the reach of PCS into as many workplaces as possible. That's why every branch should send a representative to the launch meeting.

Branches will have the opportunity to determine our campaign priorities and how the union can build maximum support for our bargaining and organising objectives.

This event will take place on 30 June at PCS in Clapham.

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