A few days to save the equality commission

10 June 2011

Opinions about a plan to slash jobs and services provided by the Equality and Human Rights Commission must be submitted to the government by Wednesday 15 June.

PCS and Unite members have been holding short strikes to protest against the cuts.

Everyone who believes in supporting equality and human rights is being asked to send a response before the end of the consultation period.

You can download this response form   EHRC consultation response

Then fill in your personal details and send it off with answers already prepared by PCS to EHRC.reform@geo.gsi.gov.uk

It’s quick and easy.

More information on the consultation

PCS and Unite take joint action at equalities body

PCS at the Equality and Human Rights Commission

There is an alternative - PCS says no cuts are needed

Vote 'yes' for the alternative

Fight for jobs and equality - join PCS

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