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1 March 2012

PCS members in the public sector are taking part in a consultative ballot that will decide the direction of the union's campaign to defend jobs, pay and pensions.

Voting is happening online and by phone – as well as by post.

Union members are being urged to vote ‘yes’ ‘yes’.

That would endorse the national executive’s decision to reject the government’s latest offer on civil service pensions; and support a programme of strikes with the aim of improving the deal.

The action would start with a co-ordinated walkout with other public sector unions on Wednesday, 28 March.

Voting closes on Friday 16 March.

Internet and phone voting is allowed because it is a consultative ballot.

The statutory postal vote – which makes the strike lawful – was held last year.

Any paid-up member in a workplace which is covered by the civil service pension scheme, who hasn’t received a ballot paper by Tuesday, 6 March should contact PCS head office on 020 7801 2670.

The vote is being supervised by independent scrutineers from Electoral Reform Services.

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