What is it like working at Xafinity in Fleetwood

31 October 2011

Since they were transferred into the private sector a group of PCS members in Lancashire have seen their wages eroded. Now some of them earn barely more than the minimum wage

What’s the best thing about working here?

The location. Fleetwood is a seaside town and everyone lives within a nine-mile radius so there is feeling of community. Hesketh House where we are based is also a workplace for PCS members who are still in the public sector. Everyone is friendly and supports each other.

What work do PCS members do?

We deal with the administration of various public sector pensions. We also deal with the post, communications and IT for various government clients.

What are the main issues you face?

We are campaigning for increased wages and a transparent pay structure. We have asked the local MP’s to take it up with the company. Some people earn just above the minimum wage. Bonus payments are discretionary and subjective. Employees who have be on sick leave are sometimes excluded from receiving a bonus payment.

More than 50% of us are union members so if the company won’t negotiate we will use the union recognition law to make
them talk seriously about pay.

How can View readers support you?

Write to your MP and ask them to object to workers on government contracts being paid just above the minimum wage and denied proper trade union negotiations. We would also welcome messages of support which we could show colleagues to boost morale. Please send messages to commercialsec@pcs.org.uk

What is Xafinity?

It is a private company employing more than 1,300 people in 14 locations across the UK. According to its website Xafinity is:
“The UK’s leading specialists in employee benefit innovation and optimisation.” Unfortunately they don’t give their own employees the benefit of a decent wage. Workers administer more than £11 billion of payments to pensioners each year.

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