More private sector workers consider March action

29 February 2012

Security staff working in jobcentres are to ballot for industrial action because their bosses refuse to negotiate over issues including pay, days off, and pension changes.

They are the second group of PCS private sector members on contracts for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) who are preparing to take action.

Any walkouts are likely to be co-ordinated with civil servants in the department who are voting for a possible programme of strike over pensions – starting on Wednesday 28 March.

The security staff work for G4S – previously known as Group 4 - at DWP workplaces including jobcentres across the UK.

Employees on the G4S contract work in ones and twos, alongside civil service colleagues.

PCS has an agreement to represent workers at the company – but G4S has not responded to issues raised by the union on behalf of members.

Other staff – including messengers – who are employed by Balfour Beatty to work in jobcentres are balloting for action over job cuts.

During the last public sector pensions strike on 30 November the government kept hundreds of jobcentres open with one or two staff on duty re-booking appointments.

If private sector and DWP workers strike together it will have even greater impact.

PCS at G4S

PCS at the DWP

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