Support the action on 30 November

21 November 2011

PCS members voted in June 2011 to take strike action to defend our pensions, pay and jobs. Alongside three other unions we took the best-supported strike action in our history on 30 June, with rallies and marches in every major city and town in the UK.

The action on 30 November will involve up to 3 million public sector workers striking together to stop the government’s pensions robbery.

The government plans to make us pay more and work longer for less pension. Higher contributions will go straight to the Treasury to pay off the deficit caused by the bankers.

Our pensions are:

  • Affordable and sustainable – the Hutton report, National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee of MPs all prove this
  • Not gold-plated – the average public sector pension is no more generous than comparable schemes in the private sector
  • Essential for combating pensioner poverty – the average PCS member’s pension is worth £80 per week. When added to the basic state pension this is just £4 over the official government poverty line

This is our opportunity to stand together to say we will not allow our pensions to be robbed to pay for a crisis we did not cause.

Please support the action on 30 November. There will be rallies and marches across the UK on the day and try and make it along with your friends and family. Your local branch will also welcome all support on pickets lines on the day too. The one day strike will be followed by an overtime ban from 1–31 December.

Both the strike and the overtime ban are authorised by members’ vote for action in the June ballot.

You may have recently heard that the government has offered transitional protection for over 50s. However, those within 10 years of retirement still face paying higher contributions (an extra £63.36 a month for the average member), and lose over £16,000 in retirement as their pension will be uprated by the CPI measure of inflation rather than RPI.

We are taking part in government talks on public sector pensions and will continue to meet at every opportunity to seek a negotiated settlement. But we need to deliver the biggest strike action ever to show this government that we are not prepared to work longer and pay more for a worse pension.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Serwotka                                   Janice Godrich
General secretary                               President

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