Sacked rep re-elected by members

18 April 2008

As victimised Child Support Agency rep Eddie Fleming awaits his tribunal hearing, he continues to enjoy massive support from members in Hastings and across the union.

Despite being sacked on 18 February, Eddie was re-elected as chair of the CSA Hastings branch, much to management’s annoyance and embarrassment.

He also received a standing ovation from the hundreds of members attending the national lobby of parliament on 11 March.

He was not disciplined for any type of serious misconduct, but for issues relating to his trade union duties.

We have consistently argued that his dismissal is unfair and that it represents a blatant attack on the right of trade union members to organise themselves, particularly at a time of major change in the CSA.

As part of the campaign for his reinstatement, supporters have distributed thousands of leaflets around Hastings and members of the public have queued up to sign a petition. Hastings Football Club mascot, a seven-foot tall seagull, has shown support, as has the Conservative leader of the council.

A campaign rally was held in Hastings last December and further events are being planned.

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