PCS leader signs up for multi-culturalism

14 February 2011

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka has put his name to a petition defending and celebrating the UK's diverse society.

He’s one of more than 3,000 who have signed up in response to a speech by prime minister David Cameron which said multi-culturalism had failed.

The on-line petition says: “We the undersigned believe that our multicultural society and the respect and solidarity it is built on is a cause for pride, and reject any moves by this government to undermine and destroy it.

“We must not allow this coalition government to turn the tide back to the days when it was acceptable, through ignorance and fear, for people with a different religion, culture or skin colour to be scapegoated and treated as inferior or outsiders.”

Mark is one of five union general secretaries who have put their name to the document. The others are Bob Crow of the RMT transport union, Jeremy Dear of the NUJ journalists’ union, Gerry Doherty of the TSSA travel union, and Billy Hayes of the CWU post and telecoms union.

See the full text of the petition and sign it

PCS against racism and fascism

PCS and equality 

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