Lobbying the party of Labour

26 September 2011

PCS is intervening at this year's Labour conference to promote the union's campaign for an alternative economic policy.

On the PCS stall there will be a poll every day on a policy issue of concern to the union.

Sunday’s question was 'are calls for a cap in immigration dividing our communities'.

Delegates and MPs voted, with 97% saying yes.

Several Labour MPs agreed to be photographed supporting PCS calls for more investment in public services - including Stephen Timms, Maria Eagle, Kevin Brennan, Bill Estherson, David Hanson and Kelvin Hopkins.

The pictures will be on the PCS flickr page soon.

Further questions for the poll will relate to the PCS ‘There is an alternative’ campaign and debates taking place in the hall in Liverpool.

PCS staff and members are also attending relevant fringe meetings and asking campaign related questions.

Reports will be posted here on the union's website and on PCS's Twitter feed.

There is an alternative - economic arguments against the cuts

Welfare: an alternative vision - read the PCS pamphlet

It's time to take sides - join PCS

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