Debate: did Barack Obama deserve the Nobel peace prize?

13 October 2009

Less than a year ago Barack Obama was elected in atmosphere of hope and optimism. With war raging in Afghanistan and troops still occupying Iraq is it right that he won the Nobel peace prize?
  • Should the prize have gone to someone with a proven track record?
  • Or does Obama deserve the prize for his new approach to diplomacy?
  • Is it right for the commander-in-chief of a nation at war to win a peace prize?
  • Or is this award a reflection of more complex issues that deserve our support?

What is your view on this? Have your say, and debate the issue here on PCS comment, and a selection of the comments will be published in View, the monthly magazine for PCS members.

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  1. Peace prize? maybe we should wait a little longer?

    21 October 2009

    This must be the first time someone has been given a peace prize before they have produced the 'goods'....or the peace even? So at this stage no, I don't think the prize is appropriate. But I think it is unfair to snipe at or 'barrack' Obama at this stage, despite the fact he leads a country not generally known for it's tact or diplomacy. He has inherited a difficult situation which was not of his making in the first place, now he has to clean up the mess. Whether he does or not, and whether he carries out everything he has promised, should be the decisive criteria on which to base such a judgement, but definetly not now.

    Steve Smith
    whats wrong with the world

    16 October 2009

    I fail to see what Barak Obama has done to deserve such a sought after award. Can any one out there think of a single thing that he has done to bring about peace, this was given at a time when he is seriously contemplating sending yet more troops to Afganistan. If thats the criteria then can we please nominate George Bush and Tony Blair (please understand the sarcasm)

    Mike Wheeler
    Peace Price? You must be joking!

    14 October 2009

    Obama to get a peace prize - what a laugh! Obama is the leader of the most powerful country in the world which is certainly not shy of flexing its considerable strength. It illegally invaded another country on false pretences, and although that was not Obama's fault he still maintains a large presence in Iraq, propping up a puppet regime. He still maintains a very large military presence in Afghanistan to support another puppet government, ostensibly to combat an alleged terrorist threat. It is strange that these same 'terrorists' were supported by the USA when they were fighting the Soviet Union in the 80's! lol.

    Lin Black
    Obama a smooth talker but no peacemaker!

    14 October 2009

    Obama has done nothing to advance peace in the world. He is backing the same wars which were started by Bush and Blair. Not to mention the new war he wants to start in Iran at the behest of the Zionist lobby. He has failed to honour any of the pledges he made prior to his election. He is backed by the same people who told us the lie that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He has subjugated American Foreign Policy to the whims of AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobby. If he was a peace maker, he would have refrained from the supporting the apartheid of the racist Israeli regime. He is a smooth talker but he is no peacemaker!

    Jawid Iqbal
    He may - but not yet

    14 October 2009

    This sends out the wrong message about the peace prize. No leader - currently invovled in a war - should be awarded a prize for making the world more peaceful Maybe if Barack Obama shows, in the future, that the worlds problems can be resovled without the flexing of military might he'll deserve it. But not now - not before he's actually shown that he is committed to achieving that which he promised during his campaign.

    Edd Husband
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