Solidarity from international colleagues

28 November 2011

Leaders of public sector unions from across Europe have been sending PCS messages of support in advance of the national strike on Wednesday 30 November - co-ordinated with more than 20 other unions.

The Vienna-based FSG-GOD union said: "We will not pay for the bosses’ crisis - solidarity with PCS from your Austrian colleagues.”

The EPSU trade union federation from Belgium sent pictures of supporters holding PCS placards with the message: “Good luck for next week”.

The general secretary of the Greek union PASYDY, Glafkos Hadjipetrou, also posed for a solidarity picture.

See the pictures on the PCS Flcker photo sharing page

Peter Waldorf, general secretary of Public Service International (PSI) – a global federation of unions to which PCS is affiliated – sent “unequivocal support”.

He said: “The debate over public sector pensions has been couched in myths and disinformation. The PSI executive board urges the UK government to turn away from this race to the bottom and from attempts to pit private sector workers against public sector workers.”

The PSI has also sent a message of support to workers in Portugal who staged a general strike this week against cuts.

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