Keep up to date on #26march

22 March 2011

PCS will be using Twitter on the March for the Alternative this Saturday to keep marchers and media up to date with our activities and statements.

There will also be minute-by-minute coverage here on the union's website.

There is a general guide to using social media on this website but here are few tips to get started and how to follow us on the day.

If you are new to Twitter, it is social media tool that allows users to send messages of up to 140 characters and track what other people are saying – online, on a mobile or smartphone.

It is very useful for providing real-time coverage of events and giving users links to other websites for further information.

To get set up, visit the main Twitter website and start your own account by choosing a username and password. To get updates and news you have to ‘follow’ other users.

Don’t leave it until the morning of the march to set up your account. Do it now so you can get used to how it works and start sending some messages yourself and building up your own followers.

How do I follow PCS?

PCS uses the account name @pcs_union so you just need to find us and click on ‘follow’ to receive our updates.

Users can send messages directly to one another by including their @username in the message – like this: @pcs_union Solidarity to you and your members on #26march.

We always try to answer sensible questions and comments directed at us because Twitter works best as a conversation rather than simply as a means of sending out information.

We will be monitoring @ messages throughout the day, but please bear with us if we don't respond immediately.

What does # mean?

The # symbol on Twitter is called a hashtag and users put it before a word or phrase to make it easier for people to track and share information about issues and campaigns - sometimes called trends.

Any messages sent that include a hashtag, such as #26march, will be grouped together for users to access by searching for the phrase.

As well as #26march, on the day we will be using #pcs26 for PCS-specific information such as the location of our delegation, key moments involving the union and statements.

We will also be running updates of events on our website throughout the day.

The 'March for the alternative' - more details and transport from around the UK

'There is an alternative' - see PCS's economic arguments against the cuts

Watch the PCS video - 'Protect public services'

Watch Lorraine on the bus spreading the word about the demonstration - this has been viewed more than 6,000 times on youtube 

Peaceful protest - legal briefing

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