One day to defend the welfare state

31 January 2012

The weekend saw protests against cuts in welfare which will be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow (Wednesday. 1 February).

People in wheelchairs blocked Oxford Street, one of London’s busiest roads, and more than 240 concerned voters have used the PCS website to write to their MPs to urge them to moderate the plans.

Write now, it’s quick, easy and free

The proposals in the welfare reform bill will hit many thousands of people and force some struggling families out of their homes.

The coalition suffered some defeats in the House of Lords and is trying to overturn those decisions while rushing the legislation through the Commons.

PCS has campaigned against the bill and has produced a model letter – championing the changes made in the Lords – for members and supporters to send to Westminster MPs.

Find your MP and send them our model letter (you can edit it)

Urgent action needed to save welfare

'Welfare - an alternative vision' - read our ideas

There is an alternative - see our economic arguments against the cuts

It's time to take sides - join PCS

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