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Leading by example can reap rewards

Sheila Coleman

In the first of 2 blog posts for PCS Hillsborough Justice campaigner Sheila Coleman explains why she got involved in the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and what barriers she has had to overcome as a woman campaigner. Read more

Let’s build PCS disabled members’ network

Keith Brockie

PCS member Keith Brockie says Disability History Month, which runs from 22 November to 22 December, is an ideal time to encourage disabled members to get more involved in our union. Read more

Leading from the front

Hannah Lawson

Hannah Lawson PCS rep Hannah Lawson recommends women take a more active role in union work following her role in leading a successful campaign at the National Museum Wales Read more

Transgender Awareness Week: stand up and speak out

Lyra Dunseith

Lyra Dunseith PCS Proud trans equality members’ rep Lyra Dunseith urges everyone to stand up and speak out when they witness transphobic abuse. Read more

PCS DWP reps' views on I, Daniel Blake

PCS reps from the Department for Work and Pensions

Daniel blake A number of PCS reps from the Department for Work and Pensions, who went to the premiere of Ken Loach's new film I, Daniel Blake, share their views on it. Read more

A PCS view of I, Daniel Blake

Fran Heathcote

Daniel blake On 3 October I was invited to an advanced screening of the new Ken Loach film, I, Daniel Blake, followed by a panel discussion, and on 4 October I was also invited to the Newcastle premiere. Read more

Trans representation within PCS is vital: please help

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

Saorsa Tweedale PCS rep Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale, a committed campaigner on trans issues, appeals to her fellow trans PCS members to get in touch to help the union campaign for their right to be them. Read more

Mindfulness at work

Helen Haymes

Saorsa Tweedale Helen Haymes works for the HMRC at Trinity Bridge House in Salford. She has been a union learn rep since 2014 and has recently started mindfulness sessions for colleagues at her workplace. Read more

Why trans awareness training is a must in the modern workplace

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

Saorsa Tweedale PCS rep Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale, a committed campaigner on trans issues, explains why trans awareness training, being rolled out across PCS, is vital to any rep. Read more

New film London Recruits charts relatively unknown chapter of South African liberation struggle

James Barrett

London Recruits Film producer James Barrett explains how you can help get the story of how London Recruits played their part in resisting the apartheid regime in South Africa on the big screen. Read more

Making a positive difference to people's lives

Matt O'Dwyer

Helping hand In his final blog post on tactics and strategies for PCS reps, our health group president Matt O'Dwyer says that while casework can be stressful but don't underestimate the positive difference you can make to people's lives. Read more

A strong, visible union gives us more clout

Matt O'Dwyer

Multitasking In his third blog post on tactics and strategies for PCS reps, PCS health group president Matt O'Dwyer says with the union facing a range of attacks reps can't pick and choose what they do. Read more

Why I’m striking against ISS’ cuts to my hours and wages


PMR PCS member Jane*, who works as a cleaner at HMRC offices on Merseyside, explains why she is striking for the first time over attacks on her hours and wages by multinational ISS. *Not her real name. Read more

It’s good to talk and share your experiences

Matt O’Dwyer

PMR In his second blog post on tactics and strategies for PCS reps, PCS health group president Matt O’Dwyer says no matter how experienced you are we are all learning Read more

Advocacy and the union representative

Matt O’Dwyer

PMR In his first blog post on tactics and strategies for PCS reps, PCS health group president Matt O’Dwyer says the key to success is in careful preparation. Read more

Let’s unite to beat inequality

Tony Garnett

PMR Renowned producer, writer and director Tony Garnett, whose credits include Cathy Come Home and Kes, says 50 years on from Cathy Come Home we need to start to care for each other again to address inequality besetting society. Read more

Performance management is demoralising and demotivating


PMR PCS member Ruth explains why performance management in the civil service is demoralising and demotivating Read more

Performance management made me feel humiliated


PMR Cathy, 54, who has worked at HMRC for nearly four decades explains how the performance management process in her workplace has made her feel humiliated, demoralised, bullied, stressed and harassed Read more

Help refugees and build a kinder world for future generations

Kate Leslie

Better than zero PCS member Kate Leslie, who is a campaigner, describes taking part in the Convoy to Calais which set off from London on 18 June. Read more

Campaign seeks end of zero-hours contracts

Sarah Collins

Better than zero Sarah Collins of the Better than Zero Campaign, backed by the STUC and run for young people by young people to tackle insecure and low-paid work, explains its aims. Read more

Museum dispute reaffirms belief in unions

Peter Harding

Big Pit Museum PCS rep Peter Harding, who works at the Big Pit Coal Museum, one of 7 sites run by Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum, explains how our ongoing campaign is not about pay rises or money, it's about retaining what we've got and getting recognition for weekend working. Read more

Keep up the pressure to defeat Land Registration privatisation

Dave Lunn

Stop Land Registry privatisation Dave Lunn, vice president of the PCS Land Registry Group, says we must all keep up the pressure to put a stop to the notion of Land Registry privatisation once and for all. Read more

TTIP leaks: the end of the EU-US trade deal

John Hilary

War on want John Hilary is executive director of charity War on Want and author of 'The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy, now available in 12 European languages. He explains how a recent shock leak of the text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) marks the beginning of the end for the hated EU-US trade deal. Read more

Proud to support the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia on 17 May

Kris Hendry

IDAHOT Ahead of the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia on 17 May Kris Hendry, PCS Proud Scotland regional officer, stresses the need for PCS to continue to play its part in the fight for equality. Read more

UK public want change in way of doing business and politics

David Whyte

Tax justice David Whyte, professor of socio-legal studies at the University of Liverpool and author of How corrupt is Britain?, says we need to ask fundamental questions about the British brand of corruption. Read more

Working for healthy and safe workplaces

Paula Brown

Health and Safety Ahead of International Workers' Memorial Day, Paula Brown, PCS vice president and chair of the PCS Health and Safety Executive national branch, underlines the importance of the Health and Safety at Work Act and highlights some issues women face in the workplace. Read more

Marking 40th anniversary of Grunwick

Kierra Box

Grunwick Kierra Box of the Grunwick 40 group explains why it is important to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a seminal moment in trade union history Read more

HMRC member speaks out over compulsory redundancy


Time to talk PCS member William* who is one of nearly 150 staff being made compulsorily redundant by HMRC shares his anger and frustration at the way he has been treated by the department. *Not his real name. Read more

Time to talk about mental health

Sarah MacShane

Time to talk PCS young member Sarah MacShane, a British Council employee, discusses mental health and a campaign which aims to raise awareness. Read more

Supporting the global campaign against climate change

Claire James

Claire James Claire James, campaigns co-ordinator for the Campaign against Climate Change explains how to avoid catastrophic climate change we need a major shift in the way we do things Read more

Young women getting involved in PCS

Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer As part of the TUC's heartunions week, Sarah Spencer, chair of PCS Young Members' Forum explains why if you're a young woman, angry at the injustice in your workplace or society, you should join us to fight for your rights. Read more

Heart unions week: Zita says why she got active

Zita Holbourne

Zita Holbourne As part of the TUC heartunions week (8-14 February), PCS national executive member Zita Holbourne, a trade union activist with over 20 years' experience, describes why she joined our union and decided to become active. Read more

Little people vs. the tax avoiders

Meesha Nehru

Meesha Nehru Meesha Nehru is programme director at the Fair Tax Mark, which shows the companies and organisations who are proud to pay their fair share of tax and contribute to society. He wrote for the PCS blog about how tax transparency can create a level playing field for small and large businesses. Read more

My humbling trip to help Calais refugees

Wayne Harrison

Calais PCS member Wayne Harrison, a pension administrator for MyCSP in Liverpool, recently travelled to Calais to help in a refugee camp. He told the PCS Blog about his experiences. Read more

Why we need proportional representation

Josiah Mortimer

Josiah Mortimer PCS is campaigning for an end to the first past the post electoral system and for a switch to proportional representation. Campaign group the Electoral Reform Society supports the introduction of the Single Transferable Vote, their communications officer Josiah Mortimer puts the case for PR. Read more

Robin Hood Tax: a tax for our times

Tom Warren

Tom Warren As part of the TUC's heartunions week, Sarah Spencer, chair of PCS Young Members' Forum explains why if you're a young woman, angry at the injustice in your workplace or society, you should join us to fight for your rights. Read more

TTIP: the struggle continues

John Hilary

John Hilary John Hilary is executive director of charity War on Want. He explains why all PCS members need to join the campaign against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership bilateral free trade agreement. Read more

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