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17 JAN 2017
A lesson in the inhumanity of spending cuts
Buried at the end of the latest damning report into HMRC’s disastrous tax credits contract with Concentrix is a devastatingly telling line that exposes the inhumanity of austerity. Read more
16 JAN 2017
A new year – in more ways than one
It’s a new year and I have a new heart. After three months in Papworth and four false alarms, I had my transplant in early December and was home for Christmas with my family. Read more
25 NOV 2016
Fantastic support helps me work while waiting for new heart
Next week, 30 November will mark my three-month anniversary as an in-patient at the wonderful Papworth Hospital – my home from home, and my temporary office. Read more
24 NOV 2016
Meet the new chancellor, same as the old one
So after years of George Osborne’s slash and burn budgets, that was the shiny new chancellor of the exchequer making a clean break from the past, was it? Read more
21 NOV 2016
We have the numbers, we need more confidence
If we thought last year’s general election result was bad, the political events of 2016 have been frankly horrible. Read more
2 NOV 2016
Justice for Orgreave is just a matter of time
There is a rule of thumb that has served me well over the years: if Norman Tebbit thinks something, think the opposite. Read more
27 OCT 2016
Detestable and wrong, why we must fight the government’s cuts to CSCS and jobs
I think you can tell everything you need to know about this government by the way the Cabinet Office treats its own workers so disgracefully. Read more
21 OCT 2016
Blame cuts for climate of fear and rise in racism
I'm now into my eighth week of being in hospital, which has given me lots of time to reflect on the current political situation. Read more
10 OCT 2016
Tories as the new workers' party? Don't make me laugh
I've heard some rubbish in my time but the idea Theresa May's Tories are the new workers' party has to be the biggest joke of all. Read more
4 OCT 2016
Why our wonderful NHS is so close to my heart
I've now been in hospital for 35 days waiting for a suitable heart for a transplant. While, relatively speaking, that isn't that long, I'll admit it's hard not to feel the frustration at our outdated organ donor system, which really needs to change. Read more
29 SEPT 2016
Corbyn is the antidote to Tory cynicism and bad faith
Something happened this week that perfectly illustrates what this government thinks of those it employs. Read more

22 SEPT 2016
My health, my heart and my union
As many people already know, six years ago I developed a serious heart condition after contracting a virus. I was fitted with a heart pump — a fantastic device that allows me to carry on with my life and work while waiting for a heart transplant. Read more

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