Why is PCS involved in international issues?

PCS International logoThe influences on the working lives of PCS members now extend far beyond the borders of the UK and Ireland.

Economic crises don't respect national boundaries, as we are all engaged in the struggle to protect our public services. PCS has built up good relationships with sister trade unions around the globe and through European and global trade union federations to promote and protect our members' interests and concerns.

In many countries trade unionists risk intimidation or jail for active membership of a union. Solidarity is the very basis of trade unionism, and it shouldn't stop at national borders.

PCS is proud to campaign for human rights and against inequality and injustice.

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Europe and Austerity issues

Trade deals

TUC infographics explain the awkward acronyms and highlight the common threats from the four trade deals that threaten our rights – CETA, TTIP, TISA and TPP.

The broken international corporate tax system
Ahead of the G20 summit, PSI along with the Tax Justice Network, Oxfam, and Global Alliance for Tax Justice, has released a report that shows the massive scale of corporate tax avoidance through profit shifting.

The main finding of the new report, "Still Broken", is that G20 countries are among the biggest losers when US multinationals avoid paying taxes where they do business. Overall it is estimated that, in order to reduce their tax bills, US multinationals shifted between $500 and 700 billion - a quarter of their annual profits - out of the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, to a handful of countries including the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland and Bermuda in 2012. In the same year, US multinational companies reported US$ 80 billion of profits in Bermuda - more than their profits reported in Japan, China, Germany and France combined.

This missing tax has real consequence; low income developing countries are hardest hit as they rely most on corporate tax to raise revenue. The main winners are tax havens. This translates into real human cost for the poorest people through cuts to public services.

The report reminds world leaders that the fight continues until corporations stop placing the burden of their tax avoidance on the people and start paying a fair share.

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Greece Solidarity Campaign – A mass petition with over 100,000 signatures, calling for the cancellation of the Greek debt, was presented in Brussels this month (November).

In presenting the petition, Jubiliee Debt Campaign and Eurodad made the point that it ws obvious that Greece carries the burden of a bank bailout operation that was conducted to stabilize the European/international financial system in the midst of the last financial crises. Greece’s current debt burden is the legacy of this European/international operation, so it is unjust to put this burden on the Greek citizens alone. By writing off the outstanding loans, the creditor countries contribute their fair share. The costs should be recovered from the banks.

Solidarity and Human Rights

Shaker Aamer
After 13 years detained without charge in Guantánamo Bay detention centre, Shaker Aamer was finally released in October 2015.  Amnesty International have been campaigning on Shaker's case for more than ten years – from urgent actions and demonstrations to open letters, hunger strikes, and political briefings.

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Refugee Crisis

PCS was proud to support the "Refugees Welcome Here" day of action in September. A collection point was organised at headquarters and regional collection points promoted around the UK. Also that month the NEC agreed to sponsor a BARAC minibus going to Calais on November 21, as part of the London2Calais convoy, which raises money and collects donations of clothes, food, toiletries and other supplies, as well as solidarity visits.

Amnesty International and other organisations have produced educational resources for teachers, educators, facilitators or anyone wishing to learn more about refugees and how to meet the call for greater support.

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International LGBT solidarity

Read about the union's international LGBT solidarity and campaigning.

Southern Africa

"Forward to Freedom"

Visit the online archive telling the story of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement 1959-1994 .  It shows how hundreds of thousands of people joined anti-apartheid campaigns in solidarity with the people of Southern Africa.

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